Advantages of Having your Office Refurbished

A refurbished office helps improve productivity, reduce staff turnover, and even deduct taxes. Many clients inquire about the benefits of remodelling their offices before they even begin.

Improve performance

Renewing the available space often means improving the performance of the working staff. It is proven that refurbishments considering the well-being of users with air quality, thermal and acoustic comfort, views of the outside, and adequate lighting have a positive effect on users since changing the environment can change the collaborators’ perception of the company.

Optimise the available space

Optimising the available space based on new business needs also promotes efficiency by achieving a distribution adapted to the operation of the business. Although most renovation techniques opt for more room, this does not mean adjusting to square meters with little efficiency. There are renovation strategies based on readapting the space to reach and satisfy the interests of customers and users.

Make better use of the workspaces

If the office has too big and clunky furniture, it is difficult to operate, and this wastes valuable resources. It’s amazing how many companies keep furniture that complicates the daily life of their workers or gives the place a bad look.

Removing this annoying furniture and placing furniture or accessories with a good style and design will create free, aesthetic spaces that project order and professionalism for employees and visitors.

Generate a positive attitude from the staff

Imagine working in a small, uncomfortable place with chairs or desks that do not allow adjusting the backrest or height.

Surely this situation will be reflected in the work attitude and obviously in productivity.

The same may happen in the company, so remodelling the office can create comfortable workspaces where the employees could feel motivated.

Employees will be much happier and more productive when they are calm, comfortable in their workspace, and have all the tools to get the job done.

Strengthens the image of the company

There is a word that I like to define the relationship between client and company: Connection.

Trust cannot be built when there is no connection, preventing good deals from being closed.

The connection is generated from the first moment, and an office style with optimized, aesthetic spaces where employees are happy projects a professional image and create a positive environment that will help to close successful deals.

Improve sustainability

Life and the way of doing business are changing. Today, sustainability is important for optimising resources and ethical and moral issues.

A company that does not plan is doomed to failure, so sustainable methods must be considered when renovating the office.

This can reduce the operating costs and shows that the company is responsible for the future economically, socially and environmentally.

Adapting the space to use sunlight, placing natural plants, and implementing devices that reduce water consumption are actions that help create sustainable offices.

Projects labour inclusion

The new generations are much more aware of the needs of people with disabilities, older adults, single mothers, workers, etc. Therefore, when a company creates spaces that consider these needs and adapts its offices so that they are easily accessible and more comfortable, it demonstrates that it has a strong commitment to the comfort of employees and customers. 

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