Retail Mezzanine Flooring provided by Central Storage

Your showroom is the place where your business combs its hair, straightens its tie, and puts its best foot forward.  This is where you have the opportunity to impress your customers, get your message across, and make some sales.  You can’t force people on the street to look at your advertisements, and if your lines are carried by independent retailers, there’s only so much your merchandising team can do when working in someone else’s store.  But here in the showroom, you are in control.  You can choose the décor, the furniture – you can make the place look like a rock concert if you think it will help!

So, why are so many showrooms dowdy affairs, with peeling paint and coffee-stained couches?  Why are you making your customers trek down to the damp basement, or taking them to a cold prefabricated cabin in the yard next to the waste bins?  Is this really the way you want to introduce them to the new product you’re so excited about?  Your showroom should be an enthusiastic handshake, not an apologetic shrug.

Oh, we get it – space is at a premium, and sometimes no one goes in there for a day or more at a time.  Even the cleaner seems to have forgotten about the place.  You’d love to be able to set aside a dedicated showroom space, within your main building, which looks fresh and professional at all times.  But how?

Many UK businesses have great reserves of available space, in the one place they never think to look – above their heads.  And with shop mezzanine flooring systems from Central Storage, you could be able to build your showroom without giving up any office, production or storage space.

“But,” you may think, “We don’t have the authority to make structural alterations to the building.”  No problem, Central Storage retail mezzanine floors are free standing structures which fit within your existing factory or warehouse space.  Each mezzanine is made-to-measure for your premises, and includes a professionally built mezzanine staircase for independent access.

When you have dedicated shop mezzanine flooring, it’s much easier to keep your showroom and demonstration space clean and clear of obstructions, so that when customers visit your site you have somewhere to take them which will make a great first impression.  Products and displays can be left set up and ready to go, so even unexpected guests can be catered for.  Why not put a drinks machine and some (non-perishable) snacks in there?  Oh, and maybe some coasters, you know, to protect those couches!

But will a shop mezzanine be up to scratch?  At Central Storage, we have years of experience installing mezzanine levels and partitioning in all kinds of commercial buildings.  We know how to build a sturdy new floor level for warehouse storage, and how to change our designs when a slick, corporate finish is the main goal.

To learn more about our retail mezzanines or any of our other solutions, contact our team online or by telephone.