Custom Mezzanine Systems

The purpose of the mezzanine flooring concept is to optimise your available resources.  Installing a mezzanine level within your existing warehouse or factory can offer up to 100% more floor space, which can be used for anything from storage to offices.  While it is possible to buy mezzanines which have been manufactured to standard dimensions, this approach does not take full advantage of what mezzanines have to offer.

At Central Storage Systems we create bespoke mezzanines which are based on an extensive survey of our customers’ premises, and a careful analysis of their requirements and methods.  While some suppliers may take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, the facts are that a custom mezzanine will immediately offer distinct advantages.  Firstly, a mezzanine which is tailored specifically for your building will make the most of the available space, without leaving gaps or unused corners.  Secondly, opting for a bespoke mezzanine allows you to specify the number and locations of mezzanine staircases, loading platforms, and other aspects of mezzanine architecture.

Besides storage and work areas, custom mezzanines can also offer such options as plant support structures, lorry sheeting platforms, and plant access walkways.  Specific tasks such as quality control sampling or process monitoring can have their own custom work platforms.  By combining creative mezzanine architecture with industrial partitioning, a bespoke workspace can be created for any task or process.

Starting the process of realising your bespoke mezzanine floor couldn’t be simpler.  Contact our team with your requirements, and they will respond to you within two working hours with a preliminary costing.  We will then provide you with a full quotation after we have performed a free site survey.  Or, if you aren’t quite sure what mezzanine system would be best for your needs, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.