Office Partitioning Systems

Office Partitioning


The layout and design of your office space will greatly influence the way your company runs each day. At Central Storage Systems Ltd, we are glad to provide our customers with the choice of office partition walls and office partition screens as part of an over office partitioning system. By implementing such partition systems into your office, you will be able to make the most of the whole space.

We offer our clients a bespoke service, catering to your individual business needs. Through office portioning, we can produce layout designs that will increase the functionality of your space and make the most of its potential. As part of this service, we can help you to make the space a comfortable place to work, or add stylistic elements that are on-brand with your company’s values. By using office partition walls and screens, we can form the ideal workplace.

Office Partition Walls

Partition walls can be used in offices in order to make individual office spaces, as well as to be used as part of a bigger system across a whole floor, or even a whole building. By incorporating this system into the space you have, it will help in terms of the wider organisation and give a strong sense of professionalism.

Office Partition Screens

Partition screens offer an alternative way of creating an organised system in your office space. Made from a metal stud framework and boarded walls, they are usually made with a vinyl finish and aluminium cover strips, with PVC skirting. Office partition screens are flame retardant and come with the necessary rating if required in a specific location. Furthermore, you have a selection of different finishes, whether tape, joint or painted. We also offer office partitions with windows, including both single- and double-glazed options, and a choice of integral blinds.

Our modular office partition systems can improve your company’s functionality and improve staff morale. Operating across the UK, we are pleased to offer our office and industrial partitioning walls to clients looking to benefit from such services. Get in touch today by completing our contact form and we will help you to bring your ideas from their blueprint into fruition.