How Office Partitioning Can Increase Productivity

When working in an office environment, it is important to foster good relationships between team members, to keep up morale. But we’ve all been in situations where the distraction from others’ noise can become infuriating, with some even driven to put earphones on without any music playing to maintain their focus. For those who are less disciplined, the temptation for office banter is too much, leading to a decrease in production, which could impact on your business in real ways. By having an efficient and happy workforce, you get an increased production of high quality work, correlating with those all-important figures. Here we will be looking at how exactly office portioning can help the productivity of your employees.

  1. Temperature

Its’ really important for staff to be comfortable, and this includes maintaining a good body temperature. If you are too hot or too cold, you will find yourself unable to concentrate properly on the task in hand. The optimum room temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius, and office partition walls can help to enhance the air flow, and regulate the temperature of the office. This is particularly true for sliding walls, or cubicle partitions, with smaller spaces being able to retain heat better, and open doors providing relief from heat during the winter. To prevent frozen-finger syndrome, where sufferers find it hard to do essential activities such as typing, make sure to invest in a partitioning system in your office.

  1. Privacy

The most obvious reason for office partition screens or walls is for privacy. Stress levels are sure to decrease when you’re able to fully focus on the jobs you need to get done without distraction. Even glass partitions counteract noise disruption, with the benefit of creating a light, open floor. This is the main contributing factor at play when wanting to increase productivity levels.

  1. Natural Light

By now, it is common knowledge that natural light has a positive effect on wellbeing, with sunlight particularly increasing serotonin chemicals in the body, which is thought to contribute to feelings of happiness. The use of glass partitioning can increase the amount of light filtering through to the whole of the office, whilst maintaining all the other benefits of office partition. A happy team makes for a more productive team, so make sure to think about this aspect of designing your partitioning system.

  1. Creativity

Through the design of your office partition system, it is possible to create certain communal areas that encourage good team work and nurtures collaboration that are physically apart from employee desk space. Through these ‘water cooler’ moments, conversations can happen that wouldn’t be as productive within an open plan office. There is also a good opportunity when considering the creativity of design to make sure that if there is a particularly good view, that everyone has access to it.

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