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Creating complex forms in three dimensions is an essential part of fabricating an item out of metal, whether that item is a one-off example for a specific purpose, or part of a production run which may stretch to many thousands of identical pieces.  Metal folding and bending techniques are the best way to achieve such forms quickly, precisely and consistently.

At Central Profiles, our aim is to provide a self-contained, comprehensive solution for the manufacturing and finishing of all manner of metal components.  Therefore, we have spared no expense in outfitting a facility designed to offer our customers the very best in metal bending services.

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The Concept

As a raw material, most types of metal are available in sheets of various thicknesses, and most workshop machinery is designed to process metal in this form.  For the layperson, it can be hard to see the creative potential in a cold, grey sheet of material.  But just as a skilled craftsperson can use origami techniques to transform a simple sheet of paper into an intricate and exquisite sculpture, skilled machinists such as our team here at Central Profiles can use high-tech sheet metal folding equipment to produce forms as elegant as they are functional.

When combined with other processes such as drilling, cutting, and welding, metal bending and folding can be used to create parts and components of just about any shape you can imagine.  Critically for production runs, these processes are efficient, accurate, and repeatable.  And since we can offer the complete package to take a design from raw material to finished product, you never have to worry about mismatched specifications or inconsistencies creeping in along the way.

The Materials

Metal is strong, hard, and available, making it ideal for engineering applications, structural components, and a vast range of other uses.  If you’re in the market for metal components, you likely already know what material properties will be needed for the job.

Our operators can bend iron, copper, stainless and mild steel, and aluminium, making all the necessary adjustments to work each metal effectively.  For example, bending aluminium may require a different kind of preparation to bending stainless steel, due to the difference in hardness.

If you are in any way uncertain of how to achieve the results you need, we will be happy to help with our extensive knowledge of materials and wealth of engineering experience.  Why not contact our team for a friendly chat?

The Equipment

Press brake machines are the most effective tools for bending steel and other metals, and our three Amada CNC machines can produce excellent results at a very high turnover rate.  Our latest addition is a HG1003ATC featuring an automatic tool changer which provides consistent tool loading between our operators, increasing productivity.

The Process

The first step in forming a component will typically be laser cutting the outline, as this is most easily achieved while the material is still flat.  When it comes to bending and folding the metal, the part is fed into the press brake and positioned between shaped tools above and below the aperture.  By moving the tools towards each other with the right amount of force, the operator can bend the metal item into a predetermined shape.

The Applications

Our highly trained team use this process to make brackets, lorry parts, machine covers, boiler casings, and a vast array of other products for a wide range of industries.  All this experience means we have the skill base to offer a full range of sheet metal bending services to clients across the UK.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.