Mezzanine Floor Supplier

Central Storage Systems can supply custom designed platforms and other hardware to optimize the use of space in your warehouse, workshop or factory.  All our workspace and storage solutions are made to measure for your premises, and are designed to last for as long as you may need them.

Mezzanine flooring is our primary tool for accessing under-utilized space in commercial properties.  Many modern business and industrial units are tall enough to accommodate one or several upper floors, but unless you make use of extensive racking systems, much of that space can end up being wasted.  Mezzanine floors are a way of accessing all that free space and putting it to good use.

An industrial mezzanine floor is a permanent, free-standing floor level within the outer shell of a building.  No structural alterations to the building are required.  A mezzanine level can be used as offices, a showroom, or a staff canteen.  Rooms can be constructed on your new level, either by traditional methods or by using office partitions.  Each installation we put in place is accessed by mezzanine stairs, which are as sturdy and secure as any internal staircase.

Warehouse mezzanine floors can be used for additional storage or work areas.  It should be noted that mezzanine storage is restricted by the weight limits of the installation; calculations relating to the loading of your mezzanine will be presented as part of our proposal.

Mezzanine floor construction does not have to be a lengthy process; our professional mezzanine construction teams can often install a fair-sized mezzanine floor level in a weekend.

Besides operating as market leading mezzanine floor suppliers, Central Storage Systems also offer numerous other solutions to help you to manage the spaces where your staff work and where goods are stored.  These include office and industrial partitioning, access platforms, and external staircases.  To learn more any of our services, please contact our team today, or fill in our quote request form.

Why choose us?

You deal with a manufacturer, not a middle man

We are full of creative ideas to help you get the best product

You will get acompetitive price within hours

Your work is done to the highest quality standards

You get your mezzanine within 2-3 weeks

We will sort out Building Regs Approval for you

You can include extras – staircases, partitions, etc.

Second user mezzanines often in stock at vastly reduced cost