Our Office Mezzanine Floors are practical and an attractive options

Has the expansion of your business rendered your current office facilities inadequate?  Do you need more warehouse space for stock or equipment, causing conflict between departments?  The answer is to think three dimensionally!

Many retail, business and industrial premises have vast amounts of unused space, which is never considered when allocating workspace.  Where is all this extra room?  Right above your head!  Most modern buildings have high roofs to accommodate machinery, storage racking, and so forth.  But many companies never realize what an asset this space could be, since installing an additional floor level in the building would be horrendously expensive and irreversible… wouldn’t it?

Actually, no.  A mezzanine floor system is a way of creating a new floor level in your building without making significant structural alterations.  Just as a free standing shelving system can optimize the available space in a showroom or workshop, so a mezzanine floor can open up for use this valuable resource which is there just waiting to be tapped.

Picture this example: as your business grows, you need more and more warehouse floor space for an increasing number of product lines.  Soon, other departments find they are struggling for room.  What can be done?  The expense of renting additional premises could hinder your company’s growth.  You could site prefabricated units in the car park to use as offices, but is that really the image you want to present to your customers?  The answer may be to create a mezzanine office, a free-standing upper floor, to relieve the congestion.  The mezzanine office space can be occupied by departments such as sales and quality control, freeing up much or all of the ground level of the building for stock and equipment.

At Central Storage, we have manufactured high-quality, bespoke office mezzanine floors for companies all over the country.  There are now countless businesses making the most of the space offered by their premises, with offices and showrooms on the upper level and manufacturing or warehousing on the ground floor of the same building.  It is even possible to use a mezzanine floor as storage space, providing weight limits are observed.  Other options include external mezzanines, access walkways, and a choice of mezzanine staircase options.  To find out just how much extra space an office mezzanine could offer you, and for specifications and pricing of our products, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.