What Characterises Different Types of Mezzanine?

A mezzanine floor is a self-supporting structure which usually stands above an existing floor. Industrial mezzanines can be an appealing option for a business looking to create additional useable floor space within one of its existing properties.

While mezzanine platforms are broadly similar, and flexible to the needs of their users, there are traits to each one that make them suited to their designated purpose. Here are the distinctions between the three main types of industrial mezzanines that we work with.

Retail Mezzanines

Retail mezzanine floors are generally created to allow retail businesses to permit a larger sales floor than they are permitted without a mezzanine. Such mezzanines are useful for the retail industry because they allow for usable space underneath, giving their business a sense of airiness and grandeur, making the store an exciting place to walk around.

Generally, because they are used to exhibit products for sale rather than industrial storage, retail mezzanines tend to hold a smaller load than other forms of mezzanine. Retail mezzanines also place a greater emphasis on appearance and accessibility than office or storage mezzanines; after all, there would be no point in having a mezzanine if it makes your store look unsightly and deter customers from visiting. For this reason, these mezzanines tend to be come with feature staircases and lifts to allow customers easy access between floors.

Storage Mezzanines

Storage mezzanine platforms are often a cost-effective, yet strong and practical solution for businesses who have limited space within their building to store equipment. After all, if you run out of space on a single floor of your building, why not build up onto a raised floor?

The basic storage platform is designed to support a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 500kg per m2, although this template is often subject to custom design to suit the business’ preferred interior design of their building and the size of the load they need to store.

Due to their purpose, storage mezzanines are obviously based more on functionality, making them tough and durable options that are easy to install either as a building is being constructed or as a later addition. However, they can often be found at the back of a retail outlet where appearance is less vital a consideration.

Office Mezzanines

Mezzanines are useful for a variety of interior office environments. Their designs can often be more stylish and spacious than other types of mezzanine, with the additional floor space used to create space for desks, making for an excellent extra workspace. Office mezzanines are an elegant way to increase the functionality of a building, while also providing an inspiring environment for people to work.

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