4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Store with a Retail Mezzanine Floor

Is the retail store that you own in need of a revamp? Or are you simply expanding at such a rate that you’re finding you no longer have room for the stock or staff that you have accumulated? The installation of a mezzanine floor – or even several – can open up your workspace to cater to its constantly evolving state.

Here at Central Storage, we’ve been manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors into various different industries for over 30 years now, and understand the benefits that can be gleaned from their introduction. Here are our top 5 reasons to opt for a new mezzanine floor:


If your store has been running in the same manner for a considerable amount of time, it might be wise to get with the times and offer it the benefit of a refurbishment. Initially, this will boost the intrigue of nearby customers and increase footfall on a temporary basis, but if your retail mezzanine floor is done effectively – creating an inviting, interesting space – visitors may be more inclined to return, or tell their friends.

Given our experience in the industry, the team here at Central Storage are adept at looking at projects individually, scoping out the best designs for the décor element of its installation.

Customer Experience

After the quality of the products on sale, the most important element of running your own store is ensuring the customer experience remains consistently high. One of the ways to do this in a cramped retail shop is to expand space, which can prove expensive if you’re not in a position to expand from within with the use of mezzanine flooring.

Cheaper than Moving

Continuing from the last point, the other options for expansion of your retail store are to add an extension or just move to another premises. Both of these options are a drain on money and time, with every day that the store is closed lowering your profits. With the installation of a mezzanine floor from Central Storage, you can rest assured that downtime will be at an absolute minimum.

Versatile Space

One of the great things about the installation of a retail mezzanine floor is that it can be reconfigured to suit a myriad of purposes over the years. It can either be an additional spot for stock storage behind the scenes, or a display for your ‘New In’ selection, or even an office space for your admin or deliveries department – the opportunities are pretty endless and can be catered to your individual sector.

Contact us today here at Central Storage, where one of our professional advisors will be on hand to talk you through the procedure of having your retail mezzanine floor manufactured and supplied by our team. We will answer any questions you may have and schedule you in for a chat where applicable, where we can get down to the finer details of your mezzanine installation.