Should I purchase a Storage Mezzanine?

It can be a pain if your business is starting to run out of storage space. If you too are facing this problem, investing in storage mezzanine platforms can be both practical and affordable. Here at Central Storage Systems we are pleased to offer our customers the construction of excellent mezzanine storage space.

There are many reasons why it’s worth investing in a storage mezzanine if you’re short of space. But what are those reasons? Here are just a few of the reasons we think why a storage mezzanine is worth your while:

Strong and lightweight

Storage mezzanine platforms are all made from sturdy yet lightweight materials able to handle an impressive amount of weight. Generally, storage mezzanine platforms are designed to support a load of 500kg per sq. m. assuming that the load is uniformly distributed. They can even support a pallet truck carrying a load of the same weight. 

Versatile design

While many storage mezzanine platforms are designed to handle a basic uniformly distributed load (UDL), they can be custom-designed to suit almost any load requirement imaginable. The same applies for the design of the mezzanine which can be easily tailored to match the interior of your warehouse or retail building. Because they are so versatile, you can obtain a storage mezzanine no matter your intended application.


One of the benefits of storage mezzanines is that they are essential blank space that can easily be modified. Should your storage mezzanine platforms no longer be needed for storing goods, they are versatile enough to also act as extra office space for staff, an additional sales floor or any other purpose. Whatever you are looking to change it into, once you have a storage mezzanine it will be able to benefit your business’ productivity in some form.

Can be installed post-construction

When you’re first moving into a building, you do not always have the privilege of knowing that you’re going to need additional storage space later on – such as if you eventually pick up a new piece of equipment that takes up a lot of room. Handily, storage mezzanines can be installed during the initial construction of your building, or later on if you’re looking to add extra space after the fact.

Can be just as safe

Storage is often associated with the backroom out of the way. However, that doesn’t have to mean that it is unsafe. The underside of any storage mezzanine platforms can be fitted with fire detection and emergency lighting, as well as adequate escape routes out of the building to ensure maximum safety.

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Here at Central Storage Systems we are experts in storage mezzanines. We are capable of creating bespoke mezzanine storage platforms which fit perfectly to your ideal size, shape, load capacity and finish. If you would like us to start work on your own storage mezzanine, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be able to help you regardless of whether you are an end-user or a professional mezzanine installer yourself.