Outstanding Office Mezzanine Floors for Any Business

Are you desperately looking for more office space? You could be in any industry, but find yourself fighting for more room. Relocating your business premises might be out of the question, due to exorbitant costs. Have you considered installing office mezzanine floors? This is a great way to provide more office space in your existing building. Central Storage are expert manufacturers of mezzanine floors as well as other products and we can help you to create an affordable solution. How effective are mezzanine floors for offices?

Save You Time and Money

There are so many benefits when you install one of our office mezzanine floors. As we’ve mentioned, finding the right office space, and then relocating can be expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. Trying to keep your customers, clients, and employees happy during a move can also be very difficult. Designing a suitable office space within your present building could be a cost-effective way to create more office space. ‘Time is money’ as the saying goes and your new mezzanine floor can be installed quickly and with the minimum amount of disruption to your business. This means that you won’t have to contact any clients about a relocation and your employees can continue to enjoy the familiarity of their current environment.

Fantastic Designs

It would be a serious mistake to associate mezzanine floors with dull structures. Our mezzanine floors have stunning designs and can complement your office interior. At the initial design stage, you can let us know what you require and we will do our best to create the perfect space for you. We have many choices for you to choose from and we offer custom-made features for you to consider. Rather than being purely functional, the aesthetic appeal of your new mezzanine floor space will impress your employees and visitors alike.  Our mezzanine office space options could be just what you have been searching for and we are here to help you.

As Safe as Houses

We guarantee that any mezzanine floor that you purchase from us will be safer than you could ever imagine. These designs are incredibly strong and sturdy. We use strong lightweight materials when we construct mezzanine floors in line with industry building regulations. It’s important to accurately work out any load requirements and then we know what materials to use to meet and even exceed these specifications. Some mezzanine floors are designed to cope with very heavy loads, so your office space will be completely safe and secure.

Over the years, we have gained huge specialist experience within this industry. If you present us with a complex problem, we will do our best to overcome it and provide the ultimate solution for your business requirements. We are more than happy to speak to you and discuss your unique company needs.

Would you like any additional information about our mezzanine floors? You can fill in our online contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible. In addition, you can also speak to us on 01299 251374.