Storage Mezzanine Flooring – Suitable for a Variety of Uses

Most modern industrial buildings and warehouses are built to an open plan design which allows the occupiers to make the best use of the interior space.  This model allows areas to be subdivided according to purpose.  It provides headroom for tall equipment like lifting cranes and storage racking.  And it makes the installation of fixtures like ducting and conduits an easy job.

Other installations include equipment which is designed to optimise the flexibility of the workspace.  As mentioned above, vertical racking can multiply storage space many times over when it comes to palletised goods.  Partition walls are highly effective in dividing workspaces into areas for separate tasks and purposes.  Similarly, office partitioning can be used to isolate offices, showrooms and hospitality areas from the factory floor and warehouse, all contained within one highly adaptable outer structure.

Falling in between storage racking and partitioning in their purpose are warehouse mezzanine systems.  A storage mezzanine is an internal platform within a structure which can be put to a variety of uses.  Effectively an additional floor level within the building, most storage mezzanine platforms are entirely self-supporting, negating the need for structural modifications to the premises.  Mezzanine floor designs vary between the size of a small balcony, to a complete extra level across the whole footprint of the structure, and can also be found outside.

The immediately obvious advantage of warehouse mezzanine systems is the extra floor space they create.  A 500anything up to 1,000 at a stroke.  The extra space can be used for production or storage (subject to weight limitations), offices, staff facilities such as a canteen, boardrooms, hospitality suites, or a vast range of other applications.  And since Central Storage Systems have been erecting storage mezzanine platforms for customers up and down the country for years, we are the logical choice for companies looking to invest in a storage mezzanine for their premises.

The process begins when you contact us for a preliminary quote based on the size of structure you are interested in.  The next step toward creating and installing a bespoke warehouse mezzanine system is for us to conduct a thorough survey of the site, to take accurate measurements and determine the suitability of the structure and surroundings.  Central Storage Systems only use tried and tested materials in the construction of our storage mezzanine platforms, so you can be sure you are getting a product which will perform in line with your expectations, and stand the test of time.  What is more, our mezzanine floor designs can incorporate additional features to enhance the functionality of the installation, such as bespoke mezzanine staircases and forklift loading access.

Our many satisfied customers will testify to the convenience and robustness of our mezzanine floor designs.  For more information on any of the products mentioned above, or to explore which options would be most suitable for your property, please get in touch with our team today and let us take your premises to the next level.