All About Our Mezzanine Staircases

Companies up and down the country are discovering just how useful a mezzanine floor level can be to their business.  Whether the premises is a factory, an industrial unit, a business park property, or an older building like a converted mill or hangar, installing a mezzanine level is one of the most effective ways to optimise the available space.

The concept of a mezzanine level is easier to implement than having another floor level built into your premises.  Mezzanines are self-supporting structures, so the actual alterations to the existing building are minimal, and are reversible if necessary.  The same goes for mezzanine staircases.

When a mezzanine is installed, there has to be a way to access the area, and this is achieved by means of a mezzanine staircase.  In the same way that a mezzanine floor is effectively an independent structure within a building, likewise, a mezzanine staircase can be built to provide access to the upper level without necessitating extensive building works.  And, just like a bespoke mezzanine installation from Central Storage Systems, mezzanine staircases are built and configured specifically to meet the needs of your business.  This means you have the choice of where the staircase is sited, where it joins the mezzanine, and how it is laid out (within building regulation requirements).

Most of our customers are attracted to the concept of a mezzanine floor by the additional storage space it will provide at their premises.  On this basis, it would be counter-productive to specify an extensive stairwell within the footprint of the mezzanine itself for the purpose of accessing the space.  For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for customers to specify external staircases which run up the outside of the building attached to a wall which is adjacent to the actual mezzanine.  Our high-quality mezzanine staircases are quite up to the task of providing an external fixture in these cases, provided the building has space for a doorway to allow access to the mezzanine where the staircase terminates.  It can also double as a fire escape staircase to comply with health and safety rules.  Another option to maintain all the extra room provided by your new mezzanine is to have the staircase approach from an internal area which is not within the proposed footprint.

With or without external staircases UK businesses are benefitting in many ways from their custom mezzanine floors.  Whether they are used for additional warehouse space, offices, or a showroom or hospitality suite, Central Storage Systems mezzanines are bound to open up new possibilities and make you see your premises in a whole new light.  A mezzanine staircase can be a bare and functional access way, or an enclosed and fully decorated stairwell, depending on the intended use.

Besides mezzanines and mezzanine staircases, Central Storage Systems supply and install office and industrial partitioning, to allow you to make the most of the available space in your unit.  For more information, please get in touch with us today.