Why You Should Opt for Mezzanine Floors and Staircases

Mezzanine flooring and Mezzanine flooring staircases may be added after a building’s construction is complete. A Mezzanine may also be known as an Entresol and it’s a raised platform which is held in place via columns of steel. The platform is accessible via an adjacent Mezzanine staircase.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best reasons to opt for Mezzanine floors and staircases. We want to educate you, with a mind to helping you make a wise and informed decision about whether or not a Mezzanine is right for your building.

Mezzanines Create More Space

Mezzanines and Mezzanine floor staircases are very practical options, as they create extra floors of space which may be utilised for an array of purposes, such as office square footage or storage. In addition, the best Mezzanine flooring and staircases look good. They are open and airy in feel, yet very strong and secure.

Many industrial businesses opt for Mezzanine floors in order to create raised platforms which allow staff members to work from a higher level and keep an eye on things in the warehouse. These types of industrial Mezzanines typically feature concrete slab foundations, steel columns and steel floor construction.

Some Mezzanines are used as storage platforms. With storage platforms, load capacity may be customised in order to suit the needs of a business. This is a big advantage, as customers may ensure that their storage platforms are able to handle typical loads.

Naturally, Mezzanines are multi-purpose. They may be converted from storage platforms to extra office space to almost anything, provided they are able to handle specific loads. Since they may be manufactured according to your exact specifications, it’s possible to access multi-function capacity with ease. As well, the space under the Mezzanine remains usable and this is a big plus. This “under-space” is perfect for storage or extra workspaces.

Discover Our Mezzanine Designs

Manufacturers of Mezzanine flooring and staircases offer different solutions for different applications. Our Mezzanine experts know which flooring is right for retail environments, which usually require lighter load maximums, as well as what’s appropriate for industrial environments. Our pros also know where Mezzanine floors can be used and which Mezzanine floor staircases are appropriate for different Mezzanine styles.

Whether you need industrial Mezzanine floors, warehouse Mezzanine floors or another type of Mezzanine design, you should know that we are Mezzanine floors UK specialists. If you need a trusted and established Mezzanine floor supplier, we are the company to call or email. We’ll listen to you, talk about your budget and recommend a floor and adjacent staircase which help you to access all of the advantages of a Mezzanine, without any downside. Our products and services are affordable and top-notch and we’ll offer dedicated customer service which is polite and professional.