Mezzanine Staircases

Once you’ve had your mezzanine floor installed within your company’s office or warehouse space, it’s time to start thinking about a mezzanine staircase to gain access to that floor. Luckily, we can help you with as mezzanine staircase experiences, we have plenty of experience in what it takes to supply and install mezzanine staircases.

When you’re purchasing a mezzanine staircase it can be difficult to know what kind of staircase your mezzanine needs. Often that will depend on the exact type of mezzanine you have, be it a retail mezzanine, storage mezzanine or office working area. Here are the different types of staircase you can get for your mezzanine, either separately or in combination:

Feature staircase

There’s nothing that makes a mezzanine stand out more than a lovely feature staircase. Feature staircases are more decorative than other mezzanine staircases; this is why they are most often used on retail premises due to their ability to impress a customer. As the customer is always right, feature staircases also have a greater emphasis on user comfort including features such as hand rails.

External fire escape stairs

Any mezzanine that people use on a regular basis needs to be the subject of strict health and safety regulations. If installed improperly, a low-quality mezzanine can result in injury or death. That’s why many office or warehouse mezzanines are built with the feature of external fire escape stairs. Placed on the exterior walls of a building, these can be used by workers to escape the building in the event of a fire or any other emergency requiring evacuation.

Mezzanine Stairs

When practicality rather than appearance is the primary factory, you could fit your mezzanine with a mezzanine staircase. One example of where mezzanine stairs may come in handy is if you are using your mezzanine as a storage space to be accessed by specifically trained individuals. Obviously, due to the risks associated with stairs, this is not the best choice for a retail or office area.

So, what next?

Once you have chosen your mezzanine staircase, we will work with you on a bespoke basis to get the ideal configuration for your company’s particular requirements, such as the design you would like. As we are a specialist mezzanine manufacturer rather than a middle man, we will be able to provide you with an accurate price for your staircase quickly. We can also help you with gaining any building regulations approval the project needs.

Once all the necessary formalities are completed, we will be able to provide you with the completed mezzanine staircase within the space of two to three weeks. You can rest assured that all the work we do will be completed to the highest quality standards and in accordance with safety regulations.

What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in having a mezzanine staircase installed within your company’s building, contact us here today at Central Storage, where our friendly, experienced advisors can get you started.