Five Designs for Your Mezzanine Staircase

When installing your mezzanine staircase for your flooring system, it’s important to consider the different options you have when it comes to design. Do you need something simple and functional, or would you prefer a staircase that has the wow-factor of aesthetic appeal? At Central Storage Systems, we are able to help our clients by designing bespoke staircases, meaning that every job is unique in its application.

Part K Staircases

To begin with the basics, you may hear the term ‘part K’ being used in reference to mezzanine staircases. This actually refers to building regulations, with this being the standard staircase – the bread and butter of mezzanine stairs. This is a design most suitable for areas that are only in use by able-bodied people, such as staff working with warehouse storage.

Part M Staircases

Whilst it can be argued that ‘part K’ staircases get the job done, this type of staircase doesn’t actually take into account the need for disabled access. This is where ‘part M’ staircases come into action. As a general rule, ‘part M’ staircases are wider and shallower, with intermediate landings. They address specific access needs, but they don’t necessarily address the requirements for stairlifts or personnel lifts, which may also be additionally required for larger floor spaces. These staircases are required to meet building regulations for public access areas, such as for retail spaces where access to the mezzanine floor is also public.

External Stairs

External stairs, or fire escapes, are a safety measure set out in the building regulations in part B2 for fire safety. As a general rule, the larger the mezzanine floor, the more people are likely to occupy it. The result of this is that more staircases are needed, and larger stairs are needed. The existing layout of your building and its fire exits will be considered when implementing external staircases.

Spiral Staircases

If you’re looking for a staircase that has both aesthetic design and practicality in mind, then look no further than a spiral staircase. They can offer a dramatic look but are also ideal for companies that don’t want their staircases to take up too much space on both the mezzanine level and the ground floor. They can offer a contemporary feel to your building, and our team will help you decide on a stylish design to fit in with the existing décor of your building.

Innovative Ideas

Other elements you may want to incorporate into your design take into account the bespoke nature of what we provide at Central Storage Systems. Space-saving stairs can also be possible without spiral staircases – for example, by including a paddle shaped tread in the design, making it easier to climb than one would expect with space-saving designs. For more innovative design ideas, simply get in contact with us about your project.

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