Mezzanine Staircases

Mezzanine floors from Central Storage Systems are one of the most effective and convenient ways to maximize the available space in your industrial unit, commercial premises, or workshop.  When a bespoke mezzanine floor system is designed and installed – usually for storage, office or retail purposes – access is usually provided by built in mezzanine staircases, which are designed and fitted as part of the installation.

As a leading mezzanine and mezzanine staircases supplier, we can design and fit both internal staircases and external staircases as required, as part of our mezzanine installation services.  One of the great advantages of mezzanine floor systems is that they can offer an increase in the floor space of your premises by up to 100%.  External staircases maximize this advantage as they don’t take up any floor space inside the building.  For this reason, it’s external staircases UK businesses often choose when commissioning a mezzanine floor installation for storage purposes.  On the other hand, such an installation may at times require a doorway to be opened on the outside of the building to access the upper level.  If your company does not own the building you occupy, this might lead to complications in obtaining permission to make alterations to the structure.  In these cases, internal staircases are often preferable as they do not necessitate any permanent changes to the building.

The main exception to the use of mezzanine staircases is if access to the level is already catered for by an existing staircase or lift.  In such cases, it should be checked at the design stage that the current stairs are sturdy enough to accommodate the extra traffic, and that provision can be made to access the new floor.  Sometimes installing a new, dedicated mezzanine staircase is simpler and more straightforward.

At Central Storage Systems, we aren’t just a mezzanine and mezzanine staircases supplier.  In fact, we have a wide range of commercial premises storage solutions to offer, all of which can be tailored to your circumstances and needs.  Some of our customers have found that our office and industrial partitioning has been more suited to what they want, and we are happy to help in such cases.  Of course, there’s no reason why partitions cannot be combined with mezzanine floor installations and mezzanine staircases to completely transform the interior of your business premises and provide the kind of work and storage space you would have imagined only a move to a much larger site could achieve.

It couldn’t be easier to start your journey to an exciting new workplace solution with Central Storage Systems; by filling in this simple form, you will provide all the information we need to recommend a solution which will meet your needs and give you a ‘ballpark’ figure of the cost.  Next, get in touch with our team to book a free survey to iron out the details.  Or if you simply need better access to your existing facilities, we can fit internal and external staircases UK wide.