An Overview of our Office Partitions

How can you get the best out of your team?  A pleasant and well organized environment is crucial in fostering creativity, cohesion and enthusiasm.  Gone are the days of row upon row of rudimentary wooden desks, with colleagues, sat like naughty Victorian schoolchildren writing lines.  Modern offices embrace the ideas of open spaces, vibrant features and refreshing decor.  A splash of colour here or an artistic statement there can stimulate and inspire.

On a more practical level, the layout of an office should be based on the needs of the staff.  Everyone needs their own space, somewhere they can work without being interrupted.  On the other hand, close proximity and good lines of sight help a team to work efficiently and intuitively.  Sometimes, the rooms and premises we work in just don’t offer a suitable environment.

Office partitioning systems allow a team to mould their own workspace to fit its purpose.  The office partition panels supplied by Central Storage Systems are designed to make achieving the perfect working environment a breeze, as your workspace can quickly and easily be subdivided to meet the needs of your team.  There is now no need for anyone to struggle with cramped cubicles or be forced to work isolated from the rest of their team due to the layout of the building.

These office wall partitions are far more than just room dividers.  They are available in a variety of finishes to complement the image of your business, or to provide the optimum working environment for your staff.  They are also available with single or double glazed windows, to let the light into every space and connect the team in separate rooms.

When working together on a project, a team might benefit from an open plan space with no obstacles to their communication or creativity.  On the other hand, when its necessary to work individually or meet with clients, our office partition screens can be used to create an area which is literally made to measure for the task at hand.

There are certain constraints which should be considered when planning the layout of your workspace:  if ceiling lights are already in place, each room should incorporate enough lighting fittings for its intended purpose.  And of course, few of us would choose to spend several hours each day in a room with no windows if there was another option!  Get it right, and everyone’s work experience will be enhanced.  And that can only be a good thing, for the team and the company as a whole.

Aside from office screens and partitions, Central Storage Systems also supply and construct mezzanine floors to allow you to make the most of your premises vertically.  You’ll be amazed at the possibilities these storage systems can open up, and with free surveys and quotations you really do have nothing to lose.  Our industrial partitioning systems, office partitioning systems and mezzanine floors come highly recommended by our customers, contact us to see what we can offer you.