4 Things to Consider for Your Mezzanine Floor

When it comes to increasing the available space in your building, mezzanine floors are an excellent solution without having to embark upon larger construction projects, which can prove expensive and time-consuming. Due to their lightweight and versatile nature, constructing a mezzanine is highly affordable and quick to achieve.

Despite the possibilities offered by a mezzanine floor, there are still numerous considerations you should address before constructing a mezzanine, to ensure that it provides the right solution for you. Here are five things that you should have in mind when starting your mezzanine construction:

  1. Purpose – Retail? Office? Storage?

Before anything else, you need to decide upon the purpose of your mezzanine floor. This decision will inform all other elements of the construction, including the exact equipment used. Mezzanine floors can be used to enlarge your retail store, provide additional office space or offer a handy storage unit. In our recent blog, we outlined the differences in characteristics between retail, office and storage mezzanines that might prove handy in helping you decide.

  1. Design – Space? Safety? Access?

Once you’ve decided upon the purpose of your mezzanine flooring, you should then think about how you would like the mezzanine to be designed. Perhaps the most crucial factor in designing your mezzanine is the space the mezzanine will take up: both the available space in the room where the mezzanine will be housed and the overall structure of the building.  For example, the ceiling of your building needs to be high enough to accommodate a mezzanine floor in the first place.

However good looking your theoretical mezzanine may be, don’t forget the safety and accessibility of the people who will be using it. It is vital to consider safety by not building the mezzanine too high along, with access features such as staircases, lifts and handrails, especially for retail premises where visitors’ first impressions are important.

  1. Fire safety – Protection? Escape routes?

Speaking of safety, having an efficient fire strategy is crucial for your mezzanine to meet health and safety regulations. This should look to prevent spread in the event of a fire and allow people enough time to escape without injury. Some mezzanines feature automatic fire detection and emergency lighting on the undersides, while other measures might include fire walls, column casings and a sprinkler system.

  1. Warmth – Heating? Ventilation? 

As heat rises in a room, mezzanine floors can become uncomfortably hot. For this reason, you may wish to install insulators to ensure that your floor doesn’t absorb too much heat, as well as proper ventilation. Keeping your mezzanine cool will greatly increase the satisfaction of your staff and customers who use it!

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