Five Considerations for Your Mezzanine Flooring

If you’re thinking about how your company could benefit from installing industrial or retail mezzanine floor systems, there are many different considerations you should think about before forging ahead with the construction. Today we will look at five of these key considerations for you to mull over in the initial stages of thinking about mezzanine flooring.

The Purpose

When you think about the purpose of your desire for mezzanine floors, this is possibly the most important consideration as it will have a domino effect on the rest of the process for constructing your mezzanine system. It is also worth keeping this in mind when you actually use your new flooring, as you must always keep in mind the intention behind the flooring to ensure it is being used in the correct way.

Health and Safety

When considering the health and safety of the flooring, it also connects to the reality of defining and maintaining its everyday use. That said, it is highly necessary that you think about this aspect of the project beforehand. You may need to consider barriers, safety gates or fore precautions so that staff can stay protected when working at a height. Additionally, any regulations and restrictions need to be followed, such as installing any means of fire protection. This will definitely need to be considered for those mezzanine floors with an area greater than 400m², with a floor edge of more than 20 continuous straight metres, and if it covers over 50% of the size of the room below. This is especially true in cases where more than three employees will be operating on the mezzanine at any time.


Although mezzanine floor systems have some degree of flexibility, it is worth getting it right the first time when considering the location of your mezzanine platforms. As well as thinking about the height of the space, you will also need to think about how it will work on an operational level without causing disruption. As well as the location of any mezzanine platforms, you’ll also need to consider the location of any access points, including staircases, lifts, conveyors and so on. Storage areas within warehouse spaces may also need to think about access for fork lift trucks as well. In addition, we will also need to consider aspects such as electrics and plumbing when constructing your mezzanine.


The materials considered for your mezzanine floor system will depend on the purpose of the space, and the necessary load bearing. This will enable the platforms to be capable of withstanding the maximum load necessary. It won’t be quite as robust as the ground flooring, but if it needs to support pallets, as well as lots of members of staff, it is necessary that it is durable and has the capacity to withstand the weight and movement that will ensue through daily use.

Project Management

When thinking about project management, it is important to be realistic about the cost and timescale of your mezzanine project. In order to carry out our construction of the mezzanines to the highest standard, we recommended a minimum of two to three weeks to deliver a successful mezzanine project. Your company will need to consider any necessary adjustments to operation whilst the additional space is being built.

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