How Long Does Mezzanine Storage Floor Installation Take? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

Avoiding disruption to your working environment and subsequently, your company’s productivity and profit, is a priority close to the heart of any business owner worth their salt.

Given the construction measures required to install such a large addition to your workspace – like a mezzanine storage floor – it is important to plan accordingly to minimise any downtime within your company’s production or shipping abilities.

Following a site survey, construction can begin on your premises, obviously on a timescale that may vary in parts due to different sizes of floor and the conditions of the building you’re looking to renovate. As a general rule of thumb, most jobs can be achieved within one week, working on the premise that – the larger the mezzanine – the quicker it is installed per m2.

Another facet to consider is whether the installation is due to include fire protection, as this will add another extra day for the same amount of space – but will ensure your company operates at industry standard.

Reputable mezzanine storage floor installation companies will give a helpfully honest rundown of how the construction work will pan out, ascertaining the dates when noise levels or space disruption may be at a maximum, allowing you to make changes within your staff’s working day.

How Many Tiers of Mezzanine Flooring Can Be Installed? 

With larger buildings with taller ceilings, there will be scope for more than one level of mezzanine flooring, but this can only be measured with a survey of your building – and potentially obtaining planning permission, dependent upon how large the job will be.

Will the Space Below My Mezzanine Be Rendered Defunct? 

Obviously, the main premise of having a mezzanine storage floor installed comes in the title: storage. It would be pointless to completely monopolise space below the level, in favour of adding another one of the same size above.

Consequently, contractors will aim to keep column installation at a bare minimum, adhering to safety standards without wasting surplus space. Again, this is something that would be agreed upon a consultation.

Are There Any Size Restrictions for Mezzanine Flooring Installations?

After you have obtained an approval from the Building Regulation, you will not be confined to size, shape or height limits for the installation. However, in recent years, the government have been making steps to prevent any large expansion of retail space, implementing the need for planning permission on floors larger than 200sqm.

Fears alleviated for your installation of a mezzanine storage floor? Ready to request a consultation and site survey with a renowned installation company? Central Storage Systems Ltd have been kitting out businesses with new retail mezzanines for years, and no job is too big or too small for us.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling with your mezzanine floor, allowing you check ahead of schedule the best dates for your construction work to commence with minimised impact to your business’ proceedings.