Why You Need Retail Mezzanine Floors!

Do you find yourself struggling for space in your shop? What if we told you that we could add an extra floor to your shop building? That’s right, it is possible!

Here at Central Storage, we are able to manufacture a variety of mezzanine floors, so that you can choose the shop mezzanine that fits perfectly with your store space. With our help, space no longer needs to be an issue!

Why should I get a mezzanine?

Up your game!

A shop mezzanine could be the solution that you’ve been waiting for, to expand your business in the way that you’ve always wanted to. More space means more opportunity. With a shop mezzanine, you’ll be given the chance to make your shop what you’ve always wanted it to be!

Add some interest to your shop interior!

Your mezzanine will be made entirely to your own specification, meaning that whatever style you are trying to stick to in your shop can be channelled through this new addition. Of its own accord, a mezzanine naturally adds interest and flair to your shop, guaranteed to capture the interest and intrigue of every customer.

More space!

The mezzanine is installed in your shop with sturdy columns that allow you to still use the space underneath. A retail mezzanine, therefore, allows you to make the very most out of the space you have in your shop, without any extensions or serious construction work required.

Enticing to customers!

A retail mezzanine will make your shop stand out from all others, making it recognisable for customers because of its unique and intriguing qualities. An extra floor will make your store an exciting place to walk around, with new things for the customers to discover. They’re guaranteed to love it!

An affordable solution!

If you’re starting to find your shop space a squeeze, adding a shop mezzanine is an affordable solution for your problems. Moving properties or undergoing elaborate construction work is both expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, both the construction and design process involved in installing a mezzanine can be done with minimal interruption to your business.

Shop mezzanine flooring systems today!

Ready to put some new plans into place for your shop? As a long-established Mezzanine Floor Supplier, we’d be delighted to help you to take your shop space to the next level, transforming your commercial space with our perfectly designed and engineered mezzanine floors. At Central Storage, we aim for our mezzanine fitting service to be as collaborative as possible between ourselves and our clients. We aim to work with you step by step to ensure that the end result is exactly what you envisaged it would be.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information about our retail mezzanine installation services, we are more than happy to answer any questions and to help in any way we can!