What Are Mezzanine Floors?

There are many systems and products available to allow businesses to make the most of the space available at their premises. Some of these are concerned with dividing up space, to make it easier to maintain high levels of the organization when working or handling products. Others are designed to make more space available to store a greater volume or variety of materials. And some are specifically concerned with the structuring of human resources, by providing people or teams with effective working environments.

Many warehouse managers are familiar with concepts such as prefabricated temporary buildings, office partitioning, racking, industrial partitioning, and so forth. But many may not have come across mezzanine floors or fully understand what the term refers to. This is a pity because upon contacting Central Storage Systems to inquire about mezzanine floors, UK business owners have frequently found that these systems have offered many if not all of the advantages listed above in their case.

So, what are mezzanine floors? To put it simply, a mezzanine floor is an additional floor level put in between an existing floor and ceiling. Obviously, the two levels between which the mezzanine is inserted must have sufficient clearance for a new floor to be put in between them. But this simple definition belies some of the great strengths of the mezzanine floor arrangement.

Firstly, industrial and warehouse mezzanine floors are self-supporting. This means they are free-standing structures, supported by the ground beneath them, and nothing more. As a result, a mezzanine floor can be built within any building which has room for one – the walls do not have to be strong enough to support another level, and no structural building work is needed. It can be installed in a brand-new unit or retrofitted within an old building that has seen many decades of use. All that is needed are solid foundations.

Also, the mezzanine floors Worcestershire companies commission for their premises can be used for any purpose. Unlike dedicated storage systems such as racking, mezzanines can be used for storage, like showrooms, inspection platforms, etc. A popular configuration is to erect office mezzanine floors above a factory or warehouse area.

How much space does your office or showroom need? A structurally independent mezzanine doesn’t have to cover the entire footprint of your building. We can design and build a bespoke mezzanine within your premises which covers half the area, or a third, or however much you want. And unlike installations such as racking, you will still have full use of the floor area below the mezzanine, so the additional space is gained without sacrifice.

You needn’t be worried about the installation process of your new mezzanine floor either. Our professional installers can construct most new systems within a weekend, so disruption to your business will be minimal. If you would like to know more about how we build mezzanines or hear about our many success stories with businesses from different sectors, please feel free to get in touch.