Storage Mezzanine Floors

In operating any warehouse or depot, it is important to make the best use of all the available space to optimise efficiency.  Storage mezzanine floors are a popular feature of many business and industrial premises which have adequate headroom.  What are storage mezzanine floors, what makes them so popular, and how do they compare to alternative storage structures?

A mezzanine is described as an additional floor level inserted between two existing floors of a building.  Mezzanines typically take the form of a balcony rather than a complete floor across the full width of the structure and are usually free-standing rather than being structurally integral to the building.  A storage mezzanine is, therefore, an additional floor level within the existing profile of premises, which is constructed for the purpose of providing extra storage space.  Central Storage Systems Ltd has extensive experience in building free-standing storage mezzanine platforms for customers all over the country.

Most warehouses are divided into bays or areas for different types and sizes of stock and equipment.  The products to be stored in that area, or a bay location code, may be marked on the floor to distinguish that location and help to keep track of the stock in it.  But since even the largest industrial units can only offer so much floor space, running out of storage locations is always a possibility.  Mezzanine storage is a solution which can effectively double the available floor space, depending on the size and shape of the building.

Firms in all sectors of business frequently find mezzanine storage to be the most effective way to create new space in their premises.  If your company has outgrown its current home, why not contact us to see if a storage mezzanine system is the right solution for you?

Moving to a new site just to make more warehouse room can be expensive and inconvenient, and if circumstances change you could be left with a premise which is far too big and no option to return to your old building.  Extending your current facilities will not be an option unless you own the site and can secure planning permission.  And even then, this is rarely a cost-effective solution.

Racking systems are also a popular choice for bulk storage, however, storage mezzanine platforms offer several advantages over such systems.  Racking storage is designed to be accessed by forklift trucks, so on installing racking, you will also have to buy one or more forklifts, train your staff to operate them, comply with relevant maintenance and safety procedures, and so on.  All these costs can add up to a huge bill.  By contrast, mezzanine storage can be accessed by any staff without the health and safety issues which surround mechanical load handling and working at height.  A mezzanine is also a more flexible installation, as it can be repurposed as an office or retail space as required.

To find out more about how a storage mezzanine could transform your premises, request a free quote today.