Four Reasons for Industrial Partitioning

At Central Storage Systems Ltd, we offer industrial partitioning for both office and warehouse environments. Access our Industrial Partitioning Catalogue, where you can find a variety of existing designs of industrial partitioning system, which we would be more than happy to offer you. Following an initial consultation at Central Storage, our team will be able to help you create a system meets all your requirements, whether for offices or warehouses. Bespoke configurations give your business its individuality, so we consistently provide wire mesh partitions and industrial partitioning systems that are sure to be perfect for your company’s needs.


When using industrial partitioning, it can help organise big spaces into smaller ones, meaning that stored goods are easier to find in warehouses, and colleagues are easier to find in offices. This improves your company’s services and communication and reflects positively on your company’s organisation and efficiency. Whether you need additional rooms for meetings, for high concentration work, or simply as a storage solution, portioning can be a real asset to the workplace.


Partitioning in offices creates a better working environment, meaning that staff can focus on their work, but also have a sense of team spirit. As a consequence, this increases both staff morale and productivity. Staff with their own space take ownership of the important documents and items, which can be safely stored, and it gives them increased incubation time for their work activities distraction-free. This can be especially important for companies that involve making phone calls, or those working with important data.

Natural Light

For warehouses, we highly recommend our manufactured industrial partitioning systems that are made from a reinforced mesh. This allows for better visibility, means there is more natural light. This has a big impact on those working a lot in these spaces as it can be yet another benefit in improving staff morale, not being cut off from the outside world, but being connected to it.


As well as conventional office partitioning systems, Central Storage offers double and single skin steel partitions. These are most suitable for environments that are more industrial in their nature, providing extra security and durability. The use of wire mesh partitions also helps to maintain levels of security through the whole room. They are ideal for segregating areas in general, for secure and bonded storage areas, and for hazardous materials storage areas.


At Central Storage Systems, we can create the perfect industrial partitioning systems for your business. If you would like to discuss your options and get started with your application of industrial partitions, please contact us through our contact page or call us on 01299 251374. Our staff will be pleased to answer any of your questions.