All About Industrial Partitioning 

When it comes to partitioning, there are many businesses that can benefit from this service, not just office spaces. Industrial Partitioning can be used to create rooms in factories, production areas, reception areas, kitchens, washrooms, warehouse storage spaces, and more. Industrial partitioning systems can be combined with industrial mezzanine systems to design a space perfectly suited to your company.

What is industrial partitioning?

Industrial areas can be divided up into new spaces by using partition walls. These partitions are non-load bearing walls that simply separate spaces.

What are partitions made from?

Partitioning walls can be made from solid materials such as brick or blockwork. Alternatively, with a framed construction, sometimes referred to as ‘stud walls’, the wall partitions can be made from a timber, steel, or aluminium frame. These are then clad with boarding constructed from plasterboard, fibreboard, metal or timber. They may also be glazed depending on the requirements. They can also include various openings, windows, doors, ducting, pipework, sockets, wiring, and more. Therefore, it allows you to create a completely customised partitioning system that is totally fit for purpose.

What are the benefits of industrial partitioning systems?

There are many benefits to these wall partitions, with the most obvious one being their purpose of spatial division. They can also provide privacy, which may be necessary when conducting meetings or using confidential information. There may be acoustic reasons for wanting portioning, or simply to have an added flexibility of layout. Preventing sound from travelling to adjacent spaces, or even fire, we can equip these systems with the appropriate insulation. Compared with alternative options, these partitioning systems are lightweight and can be changed fairly easily. They are relatively inexpensive, and don’t impact on the overall building structure.

What if I want to change my partitions later?

Sometimes you can reuse different components of the system in different locations. Some partitions may be moveable. This could be pipe and drape systems that are fitted with removable panels, free-standing screens, folding partitions, and sliding partitions that work with tracks attached to both the floor and ceiling. These are most likely installed in areas such as exhibition spaces or hotels. 

Why should I get a partition wall system from Central Storage?

At Central Storage, we provide our customers with a bespoke service, so you can customise all aspects of your systems, and combine our mezzanine systems with our industrial partitioning systems. When thinking about your requirements, you may consider the cost, weight, length of installation period, use of materials, and whether you have special needs such as sound or fire insulation. You may think about the longevity, durability and flexibility of your system, and whether you require any kind of secondary structural role, for example, whether the walls need to support any cupboards or shelving. We can discuss these options and more when you get in touch with us for a quote on your project.

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