All About Industrial Partitions

Here at Central Storage, we specialise in mezzanine floor systems and staircases, but we also are proud to offer our services when it comes to industrial partitioning. Today we’re going to focus on what industrial partitioning is and what we can offer as a company.

What is Industrial Partitioning?

Industrial partitioning is the process of creating a system where a larger area is divided into smaller, separate areas. They work in a similar way to office partitioning systems, but within an industrial setting. They are appropriate for a variety of uses such as factories, production areas, warehouses and storage areas, and clean rooms. Often, they are used for businesses that don’t have a factory, warehouse or workshop purposely built as separate entities, so we can divide open plan interiors into the separate areas you need for production, storage, offices, and other purposes.

Types of Industrial Partitions

At Central Storage we supply and install industrial portioning systems as single skin walls, double skin walls, or reinforced mesh. If you require a good level of thermal insulation and sound insulation, we would recommend the double skin industrial partitions. For example, these could be used to separate nosier factory and production areas from quieter spaces like office areas. Alternatively, if these aren’t requirements then a single skin industrial partition could do the job, with common locations to divide including between factory and warehouse areas, and for staff canteens and bathrooms. Finally, reinforced mesh partitions can be useful for forming storage or specific materials or products. In these cases, they don’t restrict the light or visibility, making it easier to navigate and see what you’re looking for in these areas.

Industrial Partitions at Central Storage

Here at Central Storage, we will plan the layout of your industrial partitioning systems with care and precision to ensure that you will be pleased with a space that you can use for years to come. Making the most of your existing space, you will no doubt be pleased to see what can be achieved, completing transforming the space in a way that is both simple and cost-effective. If your current location feels limiting, this could be the perfect way to open up your space without having to consider moving premises. Rather than thinking the need for additional space horizontally, if you think vertically, you can make more space using these partitioning systems alongside our industrial mezzanine flooring systems. This will help you reach the full potential of your space.

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