Designing Your Industrial Partitioning

Industrial partitioning systems have many practical benefits to both the office space and the warehouse. Whatever industry you work in, industrial partitions allow you the flexibility of combining spaces, so your building can include areas for production, storage, offices and more. Aside from the practical advantages, you will also want to consider the aesthetics of your design for both visitors and staff. Here at Central Storage, we help you to think about the look of your industrial partitioning alongside the practicalities.


Most standard applications of industrial partitions communicate the functioning of the company. Making use of partitions tells others that your business is practical, pragmatic and able to solve problems. These systems will allow your company to run more efficiently, and in turn, this will provide a positive reputation from the outside as well as the inside.


Different companies have different goals which they communicate through their layout and design. By adding in different and original features to your industrial partitioning, you define your company’s personality by defining your look. Quirky additions such as exposed brickwork or carefully placed mesh partitions offer a creative twist to the standard industrial partitions, which offer a raw and edgy appeal.

Art Deco Inspired

When you think of industrial partitioning, you may think of the Art Deco movement as this was a time where old factories were often turned into office spaces. You may picture slim, black-framed glazing, which can be adopted to current times, offering a vintage feel, which is very much rooted in modern times.

Central Storage Industrial Partitions

Here at Central Storage, our partitions offer you the choice of single skin walls, double skin walls, or reinforced mesh. Single skin walls are usually used between factory and warehouse spaces for areas such as canteens and bathrooms, whilst double-skin walls are a good choice for separating the offices from the factory area due to the thermal and sound insulation. Mesh partitions offer a certain aesthetic appeal, but also may offer a practical storage solution as they offer you visibility and allow light to come through.

Forward Thinking

If you are thinking about installing industrial partitioning systems in your company, you may also want to consider combining this with an industrial mezzanine flooring system. Both of these services that we provide are grounded in the concept of using the given space in the most effective way possible, and mezzanine floors allow you to make the most of your vertical space, whether you want to create new office spaces, build a showroom, or maximise your company’s storage space. Don’t let that good space go to waste, and see below to get your project started.

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