Benefits of Industrial Partitioning

Partitioning For Industrial Spaces

The thing about many industrial spaces is that they are generally not built to meet the specific needs of one company.  The majority of these buildings are constructed with the simple aim of creating a large workspace.  The space is usually one large, open space, with minimal subdivisions.  This can then be sold or rented to any type of industrial company.  Whether the company manufactures shoes or paints aircraft, the industrial space is multipurpose without dividers.  Even if the workspace was purposely built by the company that uses it, the requirements of a business can change over time.  Therefore, even purpose-built buildings tend to feature large, open workspaces.

The problem is that whilst this might seem like a good idea, it is not always a practical choice.  One very human work trait that you may have seen is that the majority of work teams will fill the space that they are given to work in.  Just like water can be poured into different containers and each time fill the available space, a work team in an industrial space will usually spread out to fill the space that is available to them.  This means that you may not be getting the best use of your space.

Bespoke Industrial Partitioning

At Central Storage, we offer the solution – bespoke industrial partitioning.  We supply and install industrial work partitioning that can be used to separate off sections of the work area for different purposes.  What are the advantages of doing this?

One obvious advantage is that industrial partitioning allows you to maximize the space in your industrial worksite.  You can mark off different zones, or areas.  For example, one can be storage, whilst another is for cutting work, another for unloading, etc.  These are just a few examples, what divisions would help your business to flourish?  Our single skin industrial partitions are ideal for separating factory and workshop areas or working areas and canteen or breakroom areas.

There are other advantages that you may not have considered.  Without double-skinned industrial office partitioning, you can create effective office spaces.  The double-skinned barriers reduce sound and offer thermal insulation, which is a simple way of making one or more offices where the noise from the workshop will not interrupt phone calls and other business work.  You could also use these spaces for showrooms to impress your customers.

Improve Health & Safety

Improved health and safety is another benefit.  Health and safety are always of paramount importance, especially if you have heavy loads and forklift trucks moving around.  Our mesh partitioning for industrial units can be used to section off work areas and storage bays safely, whilst not limiting light and visibility for what is happening in nearby areas.

When thinking about industrial divisions, don’t fall into the trap of thinking in two dimensions!  We can also partition upwards, by installing an industrial mezzanine floor to create a second working level in what may have been dead space.

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