Office Partitions – The Benefits

Distractions are undoubtedly the enemy of productivity.  How many times have you found yourself staring out of a window when there are important tasks to be completed?  How many times have you seen co-workers assembled around the water cooler or coffee machine, when your department has a deadline to hit?

Our brains are hard-wired to take an interest in what is going on around us.  This instinct serves as a protection, as it can alert us to threats and make us aware of un-tapped resources.  It is the source of our creativity.  But it can also result in our getting distracted when faced with tasks we don’t want to do.  If you or members of your workforce find themselves easily distracted and company productivity is affected, how can you change the workplace environment to help everyone to focus on what they need to do and achieve more?

Central Storage Systems are a company specializing in the production and installation of storage and partitioning solutions including office and storage mezzanine floors, and industrial partition systems.  The office partitioning we produce comes in a range of forms, and is designed to give you full control over how your workspaces are sub-divided, in order to eliminate distractions and allow your team to reach their full potential.

How does using our office partitioning system differ from simply calling in the joiners and dividing up your office area?  All our office wall partitions are designed to be semi-permanent, offering you unmatched flexibility going forward.  Permanent office dividers are often not a good idea, as if you need to make another change in a few months or years, it means ripping everything out and starting again.  On the other hand, ‘temporary’ office partitions often prove too temporary, and start to show signs of wear and tear long before they are due to be replaced.  Our office partition walls are strongly built and professionally finished, but are installed in such a way as to make reconfiguring them a simple matter should the need arise.

While an office partition wall can make it easier for individuals and teams to work in peace and comfort, they can also restrict the communication which is necessary for any successful business operation.  Therefore, we provide options such as office glass partitions which are more suitable for some kinds of departments.  The result is just like having a permanent office wall with a window in it, to allow personnel from both sides to have a good view of their colleagues.

Another option is office partition panels.  If you anticipate that you will frequently have to change the configuration of your office, free standing office partition screens provide a way to divide up the space which can be arranged by two people in a matter of minutes.  Distractions need never be an obstacle to your team’s progress again!

Possibly the most valuable resource we can offer is our experience.  After so many years in the business, we are able to provide office partition design services which are tailored to your company.  Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from office partitioning design.