Why Choose a Mezzanine Floor Over Relocation?

As mentioned in previous blogs, there are many positive ways that mezzanine flooring can impact your business, yet some people are still failing to realise the full potential of this method of space expansion. Instead of installing a mezzanine floor in their building, they are opting to relocate completely, which can have some serious disadvantages. Highlighted below is why choosing a magnificent mezzanine beats making a risky relocation.

Less Hassle

Why put stress on yourself if you don’t need to? If you remain where you are, and keep all of your stock in one place, then surely this will be less trouble than moving all of this to a new site. This will also allow you to expand the space of your store tenfold, which allows the new stock to be implemented in store with minimal hassle compared to a relocation. Central Storage allow complete installation of bespoke mezzanine flooring to ensure that relocation will not even be considered, and the convenient option will be taken.

Less Risk of Losing Customers

Changing complex always involves a risk element, which can easily be eliminated by installing mezzanine flooring. If you cannot find a complex closer to your existing site, then you may have to start afresh, potentially losing previously loyal customers, and having to aim at a whole new local area. Why run this risk when you can stay where you are? There is no need for a change of scenery for the reason of expansion, when you can do this in house. Mezzanine flooring allows for a lot more storage. This therefore creating more potential customers in your own area, instead of relocating and potentially losing them!

Create a More Spacious Building Without Knowing It

As highlighted previously, the point of mezzanine flooring is to create another floor on a building that you thought only had one. This does not only have use in retail, Central Storage have fitted these kinds of floors in offices and warehouses. Whatever field you are in and if more space is needed, then a mezzanine floor could be the option. There is minimal interference with the floor below, as metal supports will have to be installed because floating floors are not yet a thing! This means that there is extra storage available without having to relocate or cram your items or even people into smaller spaces.

Your Workers Will Love You!

If in an office scenario, sometimes worker’s morale can drop if they are relocated to a new office, as it doesn’t feel “homely”. If you have a dated setting, then use the introduction of a mezzanine floor as a catalyst to revamp your workplace. With a mezzanine flooring, it means that existing workers can feel comfortable and spread out in their working surroundings. This is coupled with the fact that newer employees will be welcomed into a more spacious working area, instead of a crammed space.