Warehouse Office Partitioning

Here at Central Storage, we specialise in providing people with mezzanine flooring and staircases, as well as various types of partitioning systems. We can provide bespoke work for both residential and commercial purposes, on various different premises. Today we’re going to focus our attention to warehouse office partitioning, covering the basics of office partitioning, and how this can be applied to the warehouse environment. We will also let you know more about how our mezzanine flooring systems can help with warehouse office spaces.


Office Partitioning


When we provide the installation of office partitioning systems, they can consist of both partition walls and partition screens. The partition walls can be used to create a whole system of separate spaces, giving the whole site a greater sense of organisation, making it easier for staff and any visitors to make their way around large office sites. Partition screens provide an alternative to the walls, and can be supplied with windows, including both single-glazed and double-glazed options, as well as the option to include integral blinds.


Warehouse Office Partitioning


As part of our office partitioning systems, we can also incorporate warehouse partitioning. As part of our modular office partition system, having a warehouse space is essential in order to keep any stock that your company may sell in a well-organised manner to ensure your business operates as efficiently as possible. Warehouse office partitioning means that your warehouse space can be organised using the same kind of system as office spaces, partitioning sections so that it is clear and easy to obtain any goods that are stocked there. In spaces that are predominately warehouses, partitioning off a section for offices can ensure that any issues presented in the warehouse can be easily communicated. Warehouse office partitions allow the best of both worlds, as you administrative and managerial stuff can work away from the busy environment of packing areas and loading bays, whilst also being close to the action if needed urgently.


Maximise your Warehouse Space


If you are considering installing a warehouse office partitioning system, you may also want to consider maximising your warehouse storage space with our range of mezzanine flooring options. It can be easily altered, extended and rebuilt as the demands of your warehouse office space continue to change. Rather than rely on horizontal space, a mezzanine level enables you to practically double your existing space by making the most of your vertical space. Rather than use high shelving and ladders, by installing a mezzanine floor, you can make the workplace even safer, as the distance between ground level and high stock will lessen.


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For more information about our warehouse office partitioning systems, please get in touch through our online contact form, or email us at sales@central-storage.com. You can also call us on 01299 251374 in order to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be glad to help with any questions about our warehouse office partitioning systems or any other products and services.