Five Benefits of Storage Mezzanines Floors

Storage mezzanines floors are the perfect solution for spaces that handle a large amount of stock. It can offer a whole new space for storing your goods, and can even help with the organisation, management and handling of your stock. You’ll gain double the amount of your current capacity without the need for a major construction project or moving premises. Today we’re going to cover just five great benefits of storage mezzanine flooring.

Use of Overhead Space

When you run out of space for storing stock, it can be easy to forget what is above. Make use of otherwise wasted overhead space, by incorporating storage mezzanine platforms into your warehouse or storage facilities.

Mesh Partitions

Modular steel mesh partitioning systems can be designed as part of your storage mezzanine system. Panels are able to be fixed at the floor and ceiling to create an ultra-stable environment. The use of mesh partitions means that natural light can filter through the storage area, and it can also provide extra ventilation, whilst still offering the ability to divide and stack stock in an organised fashion.

Safety Solutions

Aspects of the mezzanine design, such as mesh partitions, can also allow for easy inclusion of safety solutions, such as sprinkler systems for fire safety precautions. Varying degrees of security can be implemented when creating your ideal storage mezzanine. For example, steel mesh enclosures can be locked with padlocks or advanced digital lock systems with security codes.


When creating your storage mezzanine flooring system, we will also consider the specific loads that you will be using in your business to make sure that each level will be fit for purpose. As well as storage mezzanine floors, we can also provide you with areas that double up as office space, retail floors and any other purposes.


Whilst big building projects and moves will undoubtedly have an impact on production, by adding storage mezzanine systems instead, you will benefit from a non-disruptive installation process. We aim to be as efficient as possible, integrating the design seamlessly within your existing environment so that staff can easily acclimatise to their new space after the installation is complete whilst not having any negative impact on your production. No downtime means you’ll also save more money for your business, and this is simply an added benefit to what you will already be saving by not having a massive building site or moving sites completely.

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