Office Partitioning Systems

Office Partitioning


When building your office space, the physical construction goes hand-in-hand with how your business operates. By making use of the office Partitioning systems from Central Storage, you will be able to get the most out of the physical space. Whether your priority is the character and comfort of the space, or the layout and functionality, we will be able to combine your requirements to create the ideal environment for your office through the use of office partition walls and screens.

Office Partition Walls

Our office partition walls enable you to separate your office spaces and allow you to use them individually or as part of a larger office system. In order to create a space that is easy to maintain and highly organised, make use of this essential tool.

Office Partition Screens

Our office partition screens are made using a metal stud framework and boarded walls. All screens have an appropriate fire rating when required by the location. As standard, they are supplied with a vinyl finish and aluminium cover strips, with black PVC skirting, with the option for alternative finishes such as tape, joint, and painted. Windows are either single or double glazed, and you may also add integral blinds.

To improve the functionality of your company, make use of these partitioning systems. If your UK business is hoping to install office or industrial partitioning walls and/or screens, get in touch through our contact page. A member of our specialist team will be on hand to help you from blueprint to completion.