Office Partitioning Systems


One of the most underrated aspects of building a business (literally building a business, not just figuratively speaking) has to do with the physical construction of a given structure. office wall partition design is a very underrated aspect of a business, but you should definitely keep it in mind because it can not only give your current space much better character, but it can improve the layout and functionality of an office environment.

Office Partition Walls

Office partition walls are designed to separate and give your office a sense of space and clarity. A lot of offices are randomly put together, and while this may be the most affordable and economical option for some businesses, if you’re serious about building a great business, you’ll want to ensure that the partitioning is put together at a top level to provide privacy and structure.

Office partitioning systems are an essential system set-up to allow for the expedited creation of a well-maintained, and properly organised office space. Here at Central Storage we supply office accommodation on its own or as part of a larger scheme.

Office Partition Screens

The office partition screens we provide are constructed on a metal stud framework with boarded walls, we ensure these have a suitable fire rating depending on the situation. We offer a standard finish which includes vinyl with aluminium cover strips and black PVC skirting. We do provide other finishes including tape, joint and painted. Furthermore, we supply both single and double glazing options which are available with a further option of integral blinds.

If you’re serious about having a major impact on the functionality of your business, how the business looks and operates then you should definitely consider installing an office partitioning system. If you have questions be sure to contact us, we have a team of specialists to assist with not only getting a blue print built, but to also ensure the construction itself is accomplished.