The Basics of Mezzanine Flooring


Mezzanine flooring systems are a way of doubling your space without making large structural changes to the building itself. Instead a self-supporting steel structure is created above an existing concrete floor. Working within the structure of the existing building, it provides additional floor space in a way that is reliable, sturdy and safe. The reasons for obtaining this additional space are generally for three different purposes, which include storage space, work space, and retail space.

Storage Platforms

When it comes to creating additional storage space, we design mezzanine floors to support a UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) of 500kg per square metre. This weight limit can also include the use of a hand pallet truck when carrying a 500kg pallet. Custom-designed, mezzanine platforms can be made to suit a variety of applications, whether for industrial equipment or retail goods. The UDL can be increased from the standard limit, and we also suggest the underside of the platform is fitted with fire detection and emergency lighting.

Work Space

As your business expands, you may find yourself requiring extra office or working space. Likewise, the UDL will need to be considered as part of the design process to ensure the mezzanine is fit for purpose, but the weight requirement will generally be lower for work space. With this area being largely occupied by staff, it is also important to consider aspects of the design such as disabled access and fire escape routes. These safety features will enable everyone to exit the building in case of any emergency.

Retail Areas

To increase the shop floor of your business, mezzanine floor systems can offer a practical solution that is also aesthetically pleasing. These types of mezzanine platforms will generally have the lightest loading requirement as the focus is on having a design that attracts customers. Supporting columns are usually kept to a minimum, and they often make features of staircases with handrails. Like all mezzanine floors, safety precautions must also be taken when designing these systems.

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