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If you’ve been looking for a completely custom mezzanine floor option for your needs, a mezzanine manufacturer that can help you construct the perfect mezzanine solution for your commercial space, you need look no further.

For years and years Central Storage have been able to assist smart and savvy business owners, investors, and those heavily involved in commercial properties with all of their mezzanine floor requests.

We are a long established Mezzanine Floor Supplier of all types of mezzanine, working nationwide to the highest of quality standards, supplying end users and mezzanine installers.

We’ve also established an almost legendary reputation for using nothing but the highest quality construction materials on each and every one of our industrial mezzanine floors projects. We are able to transform your commercial space with perfectly designed and beautifully engineered warehouse mezzanine floors, staircases, and office partitions.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you know what you want and would like further details about our mezzanine floors, forward your requirements to us by fax or email or call us on 01299 251374 to discuss in more detail. Each and every one of the prospective clients that contact us directly will receive a preliminary quote within a couple of hours. Afterwards we can come to site to carry out a free site survey to confirm the quotation.

As we have touched upon above, our services at Central Storage are very much collaborative. We work hand in hand, step-by-step with all of our clients to make sure that their mezzanine floors dream is realised as best as it possibly can be. This allows us to tweak and adjust existing warehouse mezzanine floors almost on the fly throughout the design and engineering process, but it also allows us to provide completed mezzanines within two or three weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your mezzanine project, contact us at your earliest convenience and we will get the ball rolling together!

Why choose us?

You deal with a manufacturer, not a middle man

We are full of creative ideas to help you get the best product

You will get acompetitive price within hours

Your work is done to the highest quality standards

You get your mezzanine within 2-3 weeks

We will sort out Building Regs Approval for you

You can include extras – staircases, partitions, etc.

Second user mezzanines often in stock at vastly reduced cost