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At Central Storage, we help you make the most of your space, whether an office building, warehouse, or retail space. Based in the UK, we manufacture mezzanine floors and construct custom solutions for our clients’ commercial spaces. If you’re looking for ways to expand your business and really use the space you already have, without the need for relocation, then it’s time to think about installing your mezzanine floor system.

Operating as a mezzanine floor manufacturer and suppliers, we have years of experience helping business owners and investors who want to think smartly about how they use vertical space. We work across the nation and have earned a reputation for our supply of all types of mezzanines to the utmost quality, providing you with the best mezzanine installers.

Our solid reputation has been established due to our use of the best quality construction materials. We don’t compromise on quality on any of our industrial mezzanine floor projects, so you can rest assured that it will be fit for purpose, whatever your reasons for expanding your space with our systems.

In addition to the mezzanine floors, we combine this with your ideal design of mezzanine staircases, whether purely functional as in a warehouse, or more aesthetically pleasing such as in a retail space, or an office. Furthermore, we can also install industrial and office partitioning systems for each of these different types of spaces.

Whether you already know what you want, or you would like to talk through your options, please get in touch by visiting our contact page. From there, we will offer you’re a preliminary quote, and we will visit your site to carry out a survey free of charge in order to confirm the price quotation.

Working collaboratively with our customers, we make sure to bring to fruition your perfect mezzanine system. By communicating with our clients every step of the way, we can make any necessary adjustments throughout the process, which should take approximately two to three weeks to complete.


Why choose us?

You deal with a manufacturer, not a middle man

We are full of creative ideas to help you get the best product

You will get acompetitive price within hours

Your work is done to the highest quality standards

You get your mezzanine within 2-3 weeks

We will sort out Building Regs Approval for you

You can include extras – staircases, partitions, etc.

Second user mezzanines often in stock at vastly reduced cost