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Welcome to Central Storage Systems.  We are a UK company offering bespoke solutions designed to allow firms and other organizations to make the most of their commercial and industrial premises.

Our primary products are made-to-measure mezzanine floors.  A mezzanine floor is a free-standing internal structure which effectively adds an extra storey to your building.  The extra space provided by a warehouse mezzanine can be used for storage, showrooms, offices, or many other purposes.  Mezzanine flooring can be fitted in almost any industrial or business space which has adequate headroom.

Your new mezzanine level is accessed by custom made mezzanine stairs, which are part of our installation package.  Mezzanine storage is suitable for palletised or unpalletised loads, up to a certain weight limit.  A storage mezzanine can offer your business up to 100% more storage space in your current premises.

Industrial mezzanine floors are usually smaller than warehouse mezzanine floors, and often take the form of access platforms.  Industrial mezzanines can make the maintenance and servicing of large production machinery much easier, while an industrial mezzanine floor level can provide easy access to materials feeding systems and overhead pipework.

Mezzanine construction and design is handled by our experienced team.  As experienced mezzanine floor suppliers, we work with you to ensure the installation of your warehouse or industrial mezzanine will not impact on productivity.  In many cases, mezzanine floor construction can be carried out in minimal time without disrupting your operations.

For the best mezzanine floors Uk businesses should contact the mezzanine floor supplier with the experience and expertise to create the optimal storage solution for your premises.  Besides mezzanine warehouse services we can also offer other products such as office and industrial partitioning.  To discover how easy it would be to have a warehouse mezzanine floor installed at your premises, contact us for a preliminary quote, followed by a free survey and consultation.


Why choose us?

You deal with a manufacturer, not a middle man

We are full of creative ideas to help you get the best product

You will get acompetitive price within hours

Your work is done to the highest quality standards

You get your mezzanine within 2-3 weeks

We will sort out Building Regs Approval for you

You can include extras – staircases, partitions, etc.

Second user mezzanines often in stock at vastly reduced cost